Written in the air

Another post about travelling with a baby, which will certainly be a theme in her life.

Over the years I’ve travelled a lot, being a nanny in the states saw that at a young age I flew around the globe, always keen on the adventure and unknown. That feeling hasn’t subsided as I get older and in those ‘odd’ moments I’m glad of the life choices I have made. Living in a foreign country and out of my comfort zone regularly.

Flying has become a new challenge though, gone are the days of sipping a latte and browsing the duty free, squirting on lovely fragrances and scanning the really expensive, will never afford or want designer shops while waiting to board.

Hello days of trying to wrestle my laptop out of my carry on with a baby hanging in the sling, really, really fast too (argh) then removing the baby while I get frisked manually hoping the security guard doesn’t feel my post pregnancy extra bits while worrying my little adventurer won’t wonder of somewhere, which she does a lot! Carrying a multitude of bags full of clothes, spare clothes, muslins, food, extra food, water, wipes, more wipes, extra wipes, blankets, toys and books. Checking nappies constantly with the worry of  sitting with a poo for the duration of take off and not forgetting the where’s; where are our passports, boarding passes, phone, clothes, spare clothes, muslins, food, extra food, water, wipes, more wipes, extra wipes, blankets, toys and books.

Yet here I am at 3pm in the afternoon with my feet up, thanks to the extra room in the bulkhead seats. I’m slowly working through a really good mini bottle of Chilean cabernet savingon and right now loving British airways. It could be my tipsy state as I no longer drink, partly because I’m a lightweight, I also worry about hangovers with an energetic year old, also Breastfeeding but truthfully it’s because the wine in Thailand is shit.

BA have bouncy style seats that prop up on the bassinet platforms and which currently my sleeping princess is very content with. She even transitioned fast asleep from boob to seat, which deserved a little dance. I’ve been fed and managed to eat the resemblance of a veggie lasagne as she sat happily sucking on broccoli.

The staff have been so super lovely, friendly and helpful I want to give them a hug. Here’s the thing though I long for sleep constantly but I can’t switch off, I have nothing to so but sit here. Doze and drink wine, make plans for our visit home. I can’t remember the last time I just sat like this.

Fast forward a few hours and baby awoke and very active, running up and down the aisle which I know some folk did not appreciate. Unaware that if I tried to restrain her in a seated position she would flip her little lid. Then to the moment my bubble burst: BA have a new CEO who has banned inflight snacks! If I had known I would’ve done a 7/11 stock up instead I found myself at dinner time paying £3.20 for malteasers. It was that or Pringles AND they weren’t even real English chocolate they were that drier, crusty tasting chocolate you get in Thailand. BA total ******s.

Luckily (in an ironic tone) my mum being Irish forced a full roast chicken dinner in me at  3am Thai time, I’m glad to be home.

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