First night out

Last night for the first time in one whole year I went out.

I slapped makeup on which included lots of eyeliner, I wore really big earrings that I haven’t been able to in case my earlobes get yanked off, I fit into my favourite red skirt but had to change out of my old black vest as I couldn’t inhale, I prayed baby would settle and she did, I proceeded to do a little dance around our bedroom then had a pre drink with a work colleague/friend . I am 14 years her senior, but we get on great thanks to our shared English humour and there we were drinking Spy wine coolers (my new favourite tipple, it’s wine but it’s not so 0 guilt) We then whizzed on her moped to a bar in the city.

There I was and never had I imagined I would be, drinking in a bar in Nakhon si Thammarat. Weird, as it was always just a place we visited husband’s family, very Thai, very rural and this bar could’ve been back home for the lack of Thai people, but I was happy. I drank crap red ‘Mont Clair’ wine for those who know and fondly refer to it as mount shit wine.

I spoke about yoga and got bored of the usual conversations where I think people want me to convince them to come to yoga*. Come, don’t come, it’s all yoga anyway…I managed some small talk which I was anxious I would be out of practise with. I shared drunken stories and then had a moment; hang on, what am I on about? I’ve grown and birthed a human and although I’m doing my best to talk about others things, to not be the boring mum who only talks about her incredible little girl, I wanted to tell everyone I met.

I had fun, the shit mountain wine went down well with some lovely company but I was  happy to go at 11pm, I got excited and with good reason. As I climb into bed with the two loves of my life I feel completely content, I breastfeed one as I talk to the other about going out in his hometown, then my little girl gifted me with 4 hours of straight sleep. Winning!



* Yoga is a great way to feel calm, to awaken and stretch tired, overused or tight muscles, by releasing these muscles we release built up tension that could have been caused by a physical element or an emotional reaction. The physical posture practise or asanas is only 1/8 of the 8 limbs yoga which also include meditation practise, detoxifying and importantly how we live our lives. So it’s an all encompassing practise of living. This is why there doesn’t exist good and bad in the practise of yoga and why you really should come to one of my classes 😉

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