Drink and express milk products

Boobing refers to Breastfeeding for those unfamiliar with Milk Meg an Aussie boobing advocate who tirelessly blogs/writes/shares inspiration and supports mamas milk.

Going back in time to those early days, boobing did not just fall into place for me. There I was expecting myself perched on fluffy clouds with my newborn nestled into my bosom. Instead I had challenges from the medical professionals, who at one point, I kid you not, made me show my naked boobs while they confirmed yes one was bigger than the other resulting in a lack of milk production. WTAF. These  were the tongue tie ‘professionals’ at Kings Hospital, London (name and shame) They sent me home and I vividly remember; baby in sling, rush hour train from Denmark Hill and feeling like a total FAILURE as a mother and a woman. I wept on a packed train.

I now know they were WRONG! At it sickens me because I was so close to giving up. Her birth had been taken out of my hands (emergency C-section) so I was determined to breastfeed. I put myself on a 2 hour schedule. Every 2 bloody hours, feeding or expressing and when not doing those I did skin-on-skin, bathing together and she slept on me. I never knew quite how determined I can be, how quiet 4am is and the beautiful sunrises we get in London.

I threw formula in the bin and I fought for my boobs and very slowly she gained weight.

As it transpires after many weigh ins, her birth weight was wrong. Well come on a 9lb baby? A mixed Asian female baby and I weighed 7.7 at birth, ridiculous. They weighed her and added 2 extra pounds, 2!!! Do I sound angry? I am still.

Back to the topic. Boobing. Cut to 9 months later and we are still boobie mates, more than ever I am grateful to the milk magic my body produces, it has helped a transition to Thailand, where it is not always easy to find clean water and sterilised bottles. It helped on car journeys that she hated with a passion. Yes you can lean over a car seat and pull out a boob, it’s great after the pool and on the beach! It gives us a closeness that I adore and now more than ever with my return to work.

We reconnect via my boobies.

I am fortunate to live near work so after our departing boob in the morning I can make it home, when I get fed amazing Thai food by hubby for lunch and give a boobie desert for baby.


Curry with sprouted something. Tofu with veggies, fried fish and brown rice (Yummy)

She gets one on my return home and I express when I can. Although I have a Medela breast pump

I have found hand expressing way more effective and weirdly satisfying, although I have to be careful with the right boob as it tends to spray a bit far! I do feel like a cow but have really got the technique down and it’s quick. I get a cha yen, Thai iced tea made with condensed milk as a treat too! (pictured above)

I always make sure there’s a stash in the fridge so the extras I express at lunchtime and afternoon make up one she can drink in the afternoon on the next day with hubby who takes care of her. I’m sure she will drop that feed pretty soon but happy for her to have the comfort. She refuses a bottle so has a sippy cup, I can see she mimics an open mouth similar to breast feeding. We found our rhythm as many mother’s told me we would.

I have also found she eats more in the day and that has resulted in a 6 hour constant sleep record-whoop! Again though I feel I’ve returned to the boobie fight as it is far from easy being a working boobing mum, add in sleep deprivation and a new job but motherhood is a balance and I keep reminding myself ‘this is just a period in time’

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