The Yoga baby

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Making this one short and sweet as it’s Saturday night and 945pm already which means it’s 45 minutes past my bedtime. That’s how I roll these days..

Earlier today when I felt like I had more energy rather than zapped of my life force as I feel now. I decided to do some yoga practise in the SAME room as my little one. I felt so inspired by these mamas on Instagram* doing down dogs with their children artistically balancing on their backs and the ever so sweet Laura Kasperzak (picture above) who with her gorgeous daughter and matching outfits rock out some incredible asanas.

This romantic view of yoga with your baby is just that, romantic, rose tinted and with my little energy ball, firecracker child completely unachievable. Firstly she crawls under my down dog and slaps my boobs wondering, obviously, why they are not available to her right now. She crawls on me, pulls my hair and nibbles on me which is really quite distracting. I did however manage about 45 mins of practise with her tootling around, then she did a poo. sigh. Finally I got to meditating and there was the silence…


That baby silence when all you can think is “oh no what has she found and eaten” so with one eye opened I said 3 oms and practised gratitude for this amazing little person who now constantly buzzes around me!

*pictures of us doing full scorpions with matching outfits will be posted on my Instagram never. There is a picture of me doing yoga when she would just lie on the mat 31 weeks ago…

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