Back to school

Tomorrow I go back to work.


I use the term ‘going back to work’ loosely as previous to baby I was teaching yoga full time and when I use the term ‘full time’ I mean a yoga once or twice daily and doing a couple of massages a week. Living on a tropical island 9 months out of the year this was all I needed to get by.

Tomorrow I start teaching in a school FULL TIME. Monday – Friday. The last time I worked full time was at Runner’s World Magazine, where I was a designer. Once I left there for the greener pastures of freelance Personal Training, I never looked back. I swore off office life and so here I am instead working with very small people all day, I can’t see there being much sitting down or predictable days ahead and that makes me very happy.

But…tonight I plan to cuddle up to my little one extra snuggly as tomorrow is the first day I will leave her for more than 2 hours. Luckily here in Thailand we have teacher week, without the little people present so I can enjoy a calmer transition back into a new job and workplace with new colleagues.

It honestly feels so very hard, I am extremely attached to my baby girl. She breastfeeds on demand and at the moment whenever she spots my boobs she’s racing over to latch on for a snack attack! We are lucky though she will be at home with another one of her favourite people, her daddy.

I am relinquishing control, although we’ve had serious chats about sugar intake and watching TV as that seems to be a preferred form of entertainment for children here. No riding on motorbikes, no salt, cows milk, raw carrots or apples. I have no idea how it’s going to go, but I know for sure I will be very happy once 3pm comes around and I can see her little face again.

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