Travelling Thai Style

Today we got bored, after cleaning, napping, lunch and playing hideaway under my desk. It was about 430pm when I decided to go swimming. I thought the late afternoon sun would be much kinder than the stark, scorching sun we experienced a few days ago.

I knew it was a risk trying to get a songhtaew but I have faith even though my husband doesn’t.

We took our golf umbrella and only waited 5 minutes. I was so chuffed I called the other half and boasted. Until we parked up, the driver got out, mumbled something at me and then sat on the curb with his mate shooting the breeze. His mate was also a songthaew driver which is why the f there are never any.

We sat 5 minutes…10 minutes…15 minutes by this point my daughter who at nearly 9 months is displaying ‘interesting’ behaviour when she gets bored or wants something. I call it attack mummy mode. She pinches my urhmm bingo wings (I am a personal trainer but have NO time to do triceps dips, I know, I know I could do them on the stairs with her in the sling but I barely manage makeup most days) She also thrusts her fingers into my nose and mouth pulling at my teeth, my hair too, all the while arching her back-it’s an onslaught and a bid for freedom.

So I disembarked and the drivers noticed, said something in Thai to which I replied in my taxi Thai, I have a baby, she is bored.

We were told to get into another vehicle- sigh. It’s now 25 minutes since we left home and we’ve travelled what would take me 5 minutes to walk! But we move and then we stop outside the mall for another 15 minutes while the driver beeps his horn to rally up customers, the little sprog is getting very hot by this point. I considered jacking the swimming idea in for the mall, but know how much she loves the pool and the mall just involves a lot of people that want to pull and pinch her while calling me a ferang. Can’t do it today.

We move slowly and finally reach the Twin Lotus hotel, where to pool is,  nearly missing our stop due to being so hot and I’m crouched so low I can’t see shit.

We made the pool 1 hour and 10 minutes after leaving the house-7km journey! It was well worth it though, she squealed and laughed, swam and drank a load of pool water. Which I know isn’t good but she gets really overexcited and is practically trying to swim out of my arms!

The pool was busy, whomever said swimming pools are just for ferangs clearly needs to visit this one on a Sunday.

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p.s we came back by taxi

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