Nappy Land Chapter 1


Happy Baby!

After my recent nappy purchase I was keen to get our little one’s bum into the soft cotton goodness. I’ve been thinking about cotton nappies since she was born, partly as I hate throwing away so many nappies and because it would seem I have nothing better to think about these days. Thailand presented a great opportunity to try them out, we have warm, actually SCORCHING HOT weather here for drying stuff and tiled floors for weeing on.

I looked online for a tutorial and it looked easy, these are the ‘old school’ squares of cotton you fold and pin together!!


I was quite pleased with my first attempt.
I got excited for her first pee and felt it on my leg as I sat writing, nice. I asked her daddy to change her, cue 15minutes of him trying to fold one way, another way and then comically trying to get our fidget monkey daughter to stay still while he put the pin in (and this is why Velcro was invented)

This was day one. Quite uneventful.

Day two not so much.


Velcro nappy and liners £4 bargain!

I had also visited Tesco and bought their version of a cotton nappy with velcro sides and liners. Perfect for her daddy who was still struggling as he was fearful of stabbing her with the pin. Perfect as they were only £4 unlike the expensive ones back home. Perfect until sitting down she realised she could take them off herself and that on this particular day when she usually poo’s once or twice a day max, she went all of FIVE f***ing times!


It must’ve been the pumpkin the day before. I felt as though I was cleaning poo all day and kept standing it what I can only assume was wee, which is terrifying here as the tiles get super slippery.

It was a bit like a having a puppy and that is not the first time I’ve thought that as she loves to chew my shoes. Luckily I adore her, poo and all and here we have the toilet spray guns. These are genius contraptions which you either love or hate, I love and miss when in the UK, granted they leave you a bit wet but great for that super fresh clean feeling.


Fondly referred to as a bum gun

Although trying to hang on to baby, hoover above the loo and spray while cleaning her bum at the same time is as it sounds, a bit tense.

To coincide with trying cotton nappies I am also trying baby led pottying. A great idea especially for my regular as clockwork little lady and because why not just add in another challenge, including going back to work next week.

This is a link to a great website on the concept.


Little Fluffy Clouds


This is the seat we got her today!

I made my first ‘catch’ this morning too, which she thought was very amusing. This is when you catch a pee or poo in the loo, it’s very exciting but mainly because you don’t have to clean anything and as I mentioned previously in this post this is the kind of stuff I think about these days.

A friend is posting out some ‘Tots Bots’ nappies soon so expect chapter 2 of this enthralling experience into nappy land. Once I get the hang of these cotton nappies I do expect my full graduation into hippy mum, although that means baking and I’m crap at that!

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