Songthaew, the new way to travel

Today was an adventure that involved a  songthaew, the Robinson mall and a really friendly ladyboy.

At present we are without a car, this means that apart from my super fly bicycle that I currently just ride around and around and around our mooban (small neighbourhood in Thai) future post about my daily thrilling cycle to come…

We are stuck.

I refuse to put my baby on a motorbike as I think it’s so utterly dangerous and having seen too many island accidents I’d rather not risk it. A  songthaew isn’t great but at least it’s a vehicle and I can strap her to me, sit really close to the driver and just pray.

I decided this morning we are going to the mall. This is an exciting prospect, mainly for the air conditioning. Imagine Thailand is currently enduring a heatwave, that means it’s even hotter and more humid than usual, is that even possible? yes.

So we head on our merry way, baby girl in the sling and mum holding a huge golf umbrella. We sit and wait at the stop outside the hospital (another haunt of ours for air conditioning although totally inappropriate I know)  next to the fruit seller who is next to the pig’s head seller. A  songthaew arrives, for those who haven’t visited Thailand, these are basically a truck that has the back converted into a bus with a roof, seats and steps up.


Riding the songthaew

We ride to the mall with about 15 squealing teenage girls.

I see the building, a homage to consumerism. Then, obviously overtaken with joy or just exhaustion from lack of sleep, I fell over. Luckily thanks to a lovely friend who we have a sensational sling that protected baby girl and all I thought as I went down ‘is she ok’ she was fine, I was worse. Grazed knee, arm and ego because really do I need more attention?!

We enter the mall, it’s cool and I feel human again.

We browsed. Reminded frequently that in fact I am a ferang by other shoppers, incase I forgot.

I bought cloth nappies which is a new thing we are planning to try (I am sure there will be a blog entry about them at some point) Finally we stopped for a tea/ snack attack and that’s when a lovely ladyboy sat me down and brought me a coffee that needed quite a few spoons of sugar. I must have had that ‘exhausted mummy look’ going on.

Then we found some English bread and somehow managed to get home.

Suzi logo


English bread with 14% sugar content. Our quest is over





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