Leading the baby led weaning way

Weaning in the UK refers to going onto solid food and so far we’ve had a great adventure tasting different mummy made culinary delights. All without a spoon! Baby A picking up food, flinging it around and sometimes actually eating it.

I knew coming to Thailand BLW (for short) would go down like a tonne of bricks and to be honest I didn’t mind too much as I like clean and BLW needs nerves of iron to sit back and watch the carnage ensue in your kitchen, knowing mum will have to clean it up. Especially bloody avocado, great food but gets everywhere!


Her new high chair post dinner carnage 

Here babies are spoon fed until they’re at an age when they can either do it themselves or just never stop, I’ve seen kids as old as 5 being spoon fed. They like clean eating I have been offered (insisted on using) many tissues when feeding Miss A and they love a spoon. I’ve seen children being chased around with them, not in my domain not with my British manners!

Nothing wrong with the system, it’s all about getting the babies fed but sometimes I like both approaches. There’s a certain satisfaction when babe actually eats a spoonful of food but also joy when she discovers she can smoosh watermelon up in her mouth and it pores down her mouth, chest and into her nappy.

(We eat pretty naked so I can bath her Thai style after : see previous post)

My husband has got better now that he’s seen her scoff a chunk of cucumber enough times and how happy it makes her, equaling a peaceful lunch for parents. In the beginning though he kept handing her to me and saying you did first aid, not that she was choking, rather she had a big chunk in her mouth. This got comical.

Now at nearly 9 months when food is still just for fun and she’s breastfed (so I don’t worry about her nutrition too much) I’ve embraced BLW again. She has a fancy new highchair and yesterday we had the carnage of melon, watermelon, carrots and cucumbers everywhere and when finally I had enough of flying food I lifted her out to see that the new highchair had a special sort of crease in it where all the food ended up. Great.

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