Bath time in the village

I was ordered, in the nicest way possible by the big aunt to use the bucket in the kitchen.

Bear in mind the kitchen is a smooth concrete outdoor area that when wet turns to ice rink scale slippery, it feels hotter than hell right now and contains a constant swarm of mosquitoes.

Reluctantly I oblige but know that it’s going to be one of ‘those’ experiences. My daughter who currently refuses to sit down if she can stand up, proceeds to try her best to stand in a slippery bucket while I throw chilly cold water over her.

She’s lucky on this occasion as I give her warning of the water, unlike her daddy who in true Thai style drenches her repetitively even though she’s making those “oh crap it’s cold” intake of breath spluttering sounds.

I spent the next 10 minutes trying to enjoy myself, being present with my baby while I repeat  “sit down please” at least 100 times.

She got clean and that was the intention.

Needless to say I didn’t enjoy bath time at aunties house in the kitchen.

My other option was the actual bathroom, which I tried once. It contains 3 huge barrels of water and with a small plastic bowl you throw water over yourself and everything else in the vicinity. I held her in arms and threw water at us both, she did a wee on me so that was a bonus but I have no idea how clean we got and I was fearful to put her down when I knew she’d make a beeline for squat toilet, pull herself up and chew on the its side.

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