About Me

I went to Thailand for my 30th birthday and I fell in love with the noise, the smiles and the feeling of freedom. I returned to train in Muay Thai and stayed, that was 8 years ago.

I swore off men and then met my gorgeous husband, I would return to the UK for summers but always find my way back to him and his beautiful country.

In 2015 we welcomed our precious little girl, who from day one was fierce and strong. She brought with her sleepless nights but an all encompassing adoration from both her parents. We are both utterly in love with her! At 7 months old I moved us to my husband’s home city of Nakhon Si Thammarat. I taught kindergarten and yoga in a country that warms my soul.

With my blog I wanted to share my everyday experiences, ups and downs as the only foreign mama around. Now life has changed again and I am back in the UK waiting patiently for my husband.

Ferang means foreigner in Thai and is used here with wild abandon as a statement of fact not seen as an insult, like in the UK.

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